Maximum real print size with M200

Has anyone ever printed to the limit of the build space on M200?

I know it says 200x200x180, but can you actually get a part that big...with a raft?  I'm pretty keen on the m200 for it build quality but i need  to print a lot of 200mm diameter stuff.

I have a Wanhao at the moment and when i print to the build space limits the extruder bangs into the frame of the machine....soooo dumb.

I think it will print 200x200, but that is the absolute limit (includes raft). I just printed the infamous pcb holder (190x190), and there was only about 5mm raft along the edges.

I have printed a ø200mm cylindrical object without any problems. 


I printed a 200x200 plate full of Prusa I3 parts (I know, not in the reprap “philosophy”, but when I need well printed parts, i used m200).

Raft was nearly invisible on some sides, but result was ok.

The only inconvenient thing is that the extruder carriage is often triggering the end stop switches during the printing operation, so there is a lot of clicking noise.


If size of a model is 200x200x180 mm, raft is minimized.