Merging Project Files


I would like the ability to merge two project files into one.

Often I spend time working on multiple peices and print them seperatly to get the best quality and reduce risk of failure.

Once I get the parts printing consistently I’d like a way to group various part files into one project file while retaining the unique orientation etc.

i appreciate there can only be 1 Z.code and set of parameters, perhaps being given a choice which project file print parameters to use would be best.

It saves the hassel of re-importing stl’s again.

I think it owuld be a useful feature.

It would be neat if z.suite could provide some costing support.

I’m thinking that z.suit could look accross a range of project folders and read teh z.code and advise the total bill of materials and print time.

That really would be awesome.


Open your first .zprojx project file, then open menu Model->Import, and choose second .zprojx project file, it will add models from second project, with rotations, scales etc.