Would you rather make support in MeshMixer (cones and posts) or use zsuite for that?


I haven’t used mesh mixer’s supports since I don’t know how well the poles will print. If you have large flat overhangs I’d probably stick with Z supports, but if you only have a few small overhangs meg mixer might be okay. Keep in mind that it’s only point support, so any kind of run will still sag.

I decided to check out the forum to see if anyone had any experience yet with using Meshmixer? I have a job that requires support material in a specific way for removal and Z-Suit just wont cut it.

Playing around with it right now and might be printing something from it soon.

So anyone use the poles for support to print yet?

Debated it but just haven't had the need/time. It never hurts to try so just give it a shot!  ;)

I had good success with allowing Meshmixer to create the supports. 

The supports from Meshmixer are smaller and easier to remove. Z-Suite sometimes creates unnecessary amount of support.

For complex jobs Meshmixer tends to crash which is very annoying.

My workflow is usually: Fusion 360 -> Export to STL directly to Meshmizer -> Z-Suite 

Please experiments and let us know your results.