Minimum Printing Thickness with Z-Suite


I am new to this wondefull 3D printing hobby and i really wanted to know what is the thinnest line or wall the M200 printer can archive.

I made a couple of print tests with a 3D grid made with mounts of 0.5mm thickness and 0.5mm spacing between them…  When i use mounts of 0.4mm, it happens that Z-Suite(1.5) is unable to show them when proceeding with the “Print” fase…

Am i doing something wrong?? Is Z-Suite limited to a minimum 0.5mm thickness print???

Thank you very much.

JC :) 

Its recommended to print walls at least 1.0 - 1.2mm thick, even if Z-Suite will generate model properly with the wall 0,5-0,6 (mm), to print model, it requires two rounds to get it printed so it'll come 2x0,6 = 1,2mm thick. (for example)

I've attched you a photo. 

Thank you so much Marcin for this quick response....  :) 

I know the printer is capable to do thinner lines. We just have to look at the mesh the printer makes printing the shell support structure. Lines are really thin… maybe an half mm.

Any chance one day to have that option for our own 3d objects???

Again, thank you.

JC :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Z-Renegade. I'll try it with 0.8 and 1.0 thickness. I'll post results.