Missing hoeles after stl file transfer to Z-SUITE

After transferring the stl file into Z-SUITE, I discovered missing holes. When I did the transfer without repair, all holes were in the right place! I check the stl file with another SW. The result: No error was detected!


could you share the .stl file? I believe the holes are too small to be printed correctly. When you slice the model without repair - it might not be printed correctly.

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Hello Karolina
Yes, I will send the file to you. The amazing thing is that the same and even smaller holes are present and they are correctly taken over by Z-Suite.
AC Rotorkopf_Basic_UP.stl (1.4 MB)

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Hello Enrico,

thank you for the file. Our specialists have checked the model and found intersections. This means the model is faulty and Z-SUITE detects this correctly. However, you can still print the model after importing it without repair.

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