Missing item in order, normal turn arround time ?

Yesterday I recieved my order 938 and the HotEnd was missing so I used the formular on the webpage to request an replacement.

But after filling out the formular you will not getting any email or issue number you get only some message like "Thanks for your request...".

So about 8 hours later without getting any notification, I send out an additional email to sales@zortrax.com, where I recieved a issue number #3578, to check if they recieved my original request and how long it will normally take.

One day later I havent recieved any answer as well, so I wonder what is the normal turn arround time for such requests ?

I mean you get faster repsonse from the technical support (2-4 hours) and also an additional "HotEnd" which I order yesterday was already shipped today.

So its give you an bad impression if such requests takes longer then technical questsions or new orders.

Furthermore it would be great to get some confirmation email from the formular as well even if there is no real repley email or so.

Ok my request was picked up today (3 business days after my original request) and resolved in about 3 hours after some miss communication.

My missing item is packed and on the way to me. Hurray.


As already mention would be great if you get some feedback (simple email with issue id or so) for the form so that you don't need to get in contact with sales@zortrax.com after already filling out the formular.

Markus, now we are in the process of adding new features, but these features required times and I think it should be done within 1 months.