Missing Z-Flex Material in Z-Suite v2.20.0.0?



I updated Z-Suite to v2.20.0.0 for Zortrax M200.
I cant find Z-Flex in the material dropdown list?

What is the solution?



Hi @Polinizei,

Please note that Z-FLEX is not dedicated for Zortrax M200/M300. Thus, this printing profile is not available for your printer.

Best regards,


Hey Karolina,
thats a pity.
I see no reason not to print the Z-Flex in M200 v2. Is there technical isue?


Hi @Polinizei,

As for flexible materials - M200 and M300 devices have some hardware limitations which prevent them from printing these materials successfully. However, as far as I am concerned - some users manage to print such filaments thanks to tweaking external profiles and adjusting modifications on the machine. Thus, M Series Plus machines have been equipped with a new hotend v3, additional cooling and redesigned geometry of the filament drive mechanism. All that allows users to print with flexible materials. You can read more about all hardware changes on Zortrax Blog.