Model separated from raft

I'm still having a hard time to print in large format. I have done the same print 5 times.

I have found a way to level better the bed now the raft stick incredibly well to the plate, but now between 3-4 mm of height the model starts to lift from the raft it looks like the support is so "easyremoval" that it doesn't have the enough adhesion to withstand the warping.

I have tried a couple of times with the machine enclosed with the same results.

Attachment 44 not found.

I forgot to say that dimensions on both axis are quite bas the corners are suppused to measure 42.72 mm and I got measures of 42.97or even 42.99 just on one side x or Y axis. It's not even constant or in one side., like to say it's an axis deviation. It's prretty bad to me.

Did you try enclosing the print area? That helped me with a similar problem.

I found the problem was the bowed up center and missalignment of the build plate. I need to put a little piece of plastic sheet under the plate on the 4 corners and the problem was solved the platform is bowed up in the center for about 0.6 mm.

Now my issue are dimensions. They are bad in the Z axis on 17 mm I get 0.3 of deviation and in 75.15 I get 1 mm of deviation. Has anyone had this problem?


Yes I do, infarct, My printing is come to a halt because I unable to print my stuff whit out the bow, plus the inaccuracy.

My prints in the Z is off about  .75 mm. I also have bow in the center. I can't print anything larger than 40 mm whit out problem.

I'm having a glass made for me, that have the same pattern conductive layer as the perforated plate, and connects for leveling.

It's a test. I feel, the issue is lack of heat. I also put on the bottom of the heat plate woven ceramic strip insulator with adhesive,

to keep the heat dissipating. maybe the whole experiment is a waist of my time, will find out......

The fact that the deviation gets bigger the taller the part looks to me like a z axis screw pitch/steps per mm issue

Could it be that the screw pitch of the new acme screw is not 100% the same as the pitch of the older ball screw?

1mm taller at 75mm is totally unacceptable on the z axis… I would definitely contact support and ask them about that. Please let us know what they say.

So Andre do you hace the V1 with the Japanese ball bearing?

Yes, I have the one with the ball bearing. I’m out of town this week but when I get back I will make a tall test print and check if I have the same deviation.

Maybe someone else with a ball screw printer could do a test in the meantime?

Please contact support, too. I really want to know what they say.

I already send email. Lets see what happens.

Having you tried reducing the scale by 1.5% both of those measurements are off by rougly 1.5%.

Although, I have had deviation in the Z direction. I've come to believe that there is some of the raft sticking to the bottom of the print. Because even though the thickness of my base is thick in the Z direction The rest of the print sitting on top of the base is dead on in the Z direction.

The problem is that you will have to scale mannually every model and that is not the idea. You can miss the proportion and part will be messed up. 1.5% is a LOT and just many for this tipe of machine, I can believe that deviation for something with less quality or price but not from this.

The main problem is that this deviation increases as you keep getting high on Z, so in a part of 140mm yo may be getting 2 or maybe 3 mm of deviation wich will be 2%.

They sell the machine as a Professional Printer(of course you will expect less than that) but it should have minimum precision And by minimum I mean in every dimension to have 0.3 to 0.4 of deviation wich is perfectly acceptable but 1mm of deviation is totally unacceptable.

Printed a part 49.5mm tall. Only off .03mm on Z height.. (Version 1 with ball screw..) I'm thinking the calibration is off on the lead screw version. You should be able to hit better tolerances with screw depending on pitch..

So I cannot print better with the new screw?

Wait for the reply from support. It’s not about lead screw or ball screw. A good lead screw is as accurate as a ball screw. Maybe they got the wrong pitch delivered or something went wrong with initial calibration in the factory…or you simply got a bad screw (which could happen on a ball screw as well)…who knows. It’s all speculation.

I just want to avoid that that the stupid ball vs lead screw discussion flares up again…

I will run the layer test for checking slice height and let you know.

We have to keep this in one topic… We’re writing the same stuff 3 times in 3 different topics.

We may keep replying here ;)