Model smoothing option, can't see a difference

I have been trying out the new model smoothing feature within z suite but honestly I cannot see a difference in prints.

From my understanding they have implemented anti aliasing over the layer images to help remove some of the stepped effect. The results of this can be seen in a video for the anycubic photon printer. On inspection of my own prints there is no difference when compared to older prints of the same object.

Z suite and Inkspire are up to date. 25 micron layer heights used in prints.

Is model smoothing feature working as intented? Is there a way I can increase the multiplier of the anti aliasing on the slicing images to greater the effect?

Im bumping this thread.

My questions are directed at Zortrax support.

Zortrax support please can you help with this issue.


First of all, in the older version the anti aliasing option was chosen as the default setting, and probably that’s why you cannot see the difference in your prints.

Yes, the option is working as intended. Please print something with the smoothing option unchecked.

I’m also going to print something and post results here.

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Okay I ran some tests to prove if smoothing is actually making a difference. The egg that has a tick is printed with smoothing on, the egg with the cross is printed with smoothing off.

Both prints using 0.025 LH.

That’s a pretty remarkable difference between your prints considering how little difference my tests resulted in.

Tell me, what the optimal angle to achieve actual results like you have there?

Are all sides of the smoothed cube smooth? Maybe you could post a picture with the smoothed cube in focus?

Hi, @jandrews.

The smoothing gives the best results when printing smooth walls at an angle of at least 30-45° (that would normally have layers visible). The angle on your model is lower, so the results may not be as visible.

Here is a photo you requested:

Dear Marta,

Thank you kindly for your reply. I do appreciate both of your support in this matter.

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