Monoprice PLA

Hi all,

New user who didn't turn up any information from the search.

I've been attempting to print with Monoprice's White PLA for a few days without success. I've had to crank the extruder up to 240 just to get the material to extrude and am using a 60 degree bed for it to adhere. I have gathered from other searches that PLA should be able to print at the 190-200 range, so naturally I am a bit confused.

Has anyone had any success with this material on the M200?

My print settings:

Estimated print time: 9h 46m

Material usage: 22.29m (71g)

Printer: Zortrax M200

Material: PLA-based filament

Layer: 0.19 mm

Quality: Default

Infill: 40%

Fan speed: 75%

Seam: Normal

Outer contours: 0

Holes: 0

Surface layers Top: 6

Surface layers Bottom: 3

Support Lite: False

Smart bridges: True

Print speed: -50%

Extruder flow ratio: +0%

Top layer infill (%): 100

Bottom layer infill (%): 100

Extrusion temp.: 238

Platform temp.: 60

Retraction speed: 50

Retraction distance: 2

First layer gap: 0.36 mm

Thanks in advance!


Which kind of hotend you are using?

same Problem for me, I'm using Elunteng PLA wich ist recommanded for temperatures upto 220. With my Ultimaker I'm using it @ 215 without any Problems, but on my M200 (V1 Hotend) I can't print with any PLA settings. It won't extrude anything while printing. Material loading is functioning very well. Only Setting to get it to print with that PLA is Z-Ultrat but when using this, it's impossible to remove the raft from the printed object. 

If you do not print with zortrax origin PLA - you need another Hotend.

PLA has a much higher friction than ABS, so you have to have a PFTE tube going down to the noozle. There a commercial offers available for such an hotend.

Or you easily can do it yourself.

you can buy at the amazing company the Teflon Throat für MK8 MakerBot RepRap. Than you need an alloy block with the fitting drill holes for thermocoupler and sensor and a 6mm thread for nozzle and throat. Rasp the throat on the upper end 1,5 cm to fix ist with the allen key. Thats it. 

All i all - it will cost you not more than 15 € incl. 4 Throats and nozzles. The PTFE tube must be replaced regularly. 

But be aware. Do NOT use tempratures higher than 240° or the PTFE tube will get destroyed. This is a little bit tricky while loading new filament.