MORE (Hardware) Infos/Videos about M300 Dual

if you want to sell the M300 Dual, but we need more videos and info about the hardware. Especially important is the dual Print and the operation of the 2 nozzles.
In Germany they say: “I don’t buy a pig in a poke”. (“Ich kaufe doch nicht die Katze im Sack”)

Show us something, convince us … inform us!!!

My opinion is now …

NO experience, in any way to the M300 Dual.

Unfortunately, this shows us ONLY that Zortrax has become a company that promises a lot and brings NOTHING !!!


Can you expand a bit: your message is relatively incomprehensible!

There are NO visual info about the M300 Dual except 2 small unprofessional videos. The printer was (for reasons of profit) hastily thrown on the market.
How should an end user decide to make a > 4.5k investment ??
This business strategy is very disappointing for Zortrax.

I agree with you on this point : I do not understand why printer manufacturers in general (which is the case of many other manufacturers too) reveal very little information about their products. I suppose that the commercial stakes are much too important to reveal too quickly technical specifications, with the risk of copying !
This model is in pre-order for the moment ; wait a little longer !
But if I was a manufacturer (which I’m in another field), I would still put a maximum of information available to my customers to try to convince them to buy my products.
Type “M300 DUAL” on google and you will find other very interesting images of this model.

Hi, Eric. We’ve only released information about the premiere of M300 Dual, so it’s not “thrown on the market”. More videos, photos and information will be published with time. We expect that users’ reviews will also appear soon after we send first units of M300 Dual.
Technical specification is available on our website. If you have any questions regarding the device, feel free to ask, I’ll do my best to help.