More of a Tea kind of person

I don't know about you guys out there but I think Zortrax is opening up this new section because of their new line of filament! I think they want to know the most popular Coffee because they want to make the new printers run Coffee filament!!! Just imagine the smells in the morning when your printer starts working because you set up a print to be sent over WIFI from your computer from across the room.

With this in mind I would suggest some other drink's, some popular ones are: Gatorade (Water sucks Gatorade is better), Herbal teas (for those who like to print in PLA only because of fumes issues), Dr. Pepper (everyone needs a doctor in their life), Lemonade (for the hot summer days). The potential is just endless and I think with enough feedback we can have the best drink mixing printer on the market!

Give your ideas as to what you think would be a good drink filament! I don't think we should have to stick to coffee just because that is the section we are in.


SNAPPLE peach tea!

Chocolate chip cookie!

Bar-b-Que steak!