Motherboard FAN - good quality replacement [M200 Plus bottom fan]


I would like to ignite here a discussion with Zortrax team and you guys, to find good, silent and reliable equivalent of motherboard FAN, which does not make noise after 200h hours of usage!
It’s a shame, that 2.5k€ equipment is protected by such a cr…py cheapo fan (FXDS brand), which costs on aliexpress less that 1.5$!

Zortrax team, you claim, that M200 Plus can work in printing farm - tons of hours without stop… And 1.5$ to assure longevity of heart of the machine :slight_smile:
I guess no need to answer.
So please, do make an effort to help us to define spec of the fan, so we can search for a proper alternative.

I listed below, what I’ve managed to find so far - could you please confirm / correct?

  • picture of original fan used in the printer:
  • spec:
    fan speed: ??? rpm
    dimensions: 70x70x15 mm
    holes pattern: 60x60 mm
    screw hole diameter: 5 mm
    supply voltage: 24V DC
    power: 0.48W
    capacity: 2.98-13.87 CFM (5.06-23.56 m3/h)