Moving overseas with your Zortrax ? WARNING !


I bought my M200 4 years ago in Europe through the Kickstarter campaign and updated it on time with new hot plate, etc ; I have been very happy with it so far !

I just had a problem, which could have caused a huge hazard in my house. I just wanted to let people knowing, in case they would face the same problem.

On my Zortrax, the sticker just above the power plug says "100-240V". Then I thought I would be safe pluging my Zortrax when I relocated a few weeks ago in New York City (so untill now my printer had seen 240v, and now 110v). Well, it did not work "very well". Printer would start, then the power supply would shut down at some point during the booting process.

The problem was simple (but I had to dismount everything to figure out) : the power supply inside the printer is NOT 100-240v compatible. It is 100/240v compatible. What means the very small difference between a "-" and "/" ? That there is a small switch that you can not see from outside on the power supply which allows you to switch between 240 OR 110 volts. so in my case I was lucky : the PS was configured for 220v and only got half of it : did not work. In the other way arround (240v instead of 110), I guess I could have seen blue smoke (if lucky) or worse...

So : moving between a 110v and 220v country, please guys be carfull !

ZORTRAX : please change that sticker on the side of the M200 ou replace the power supply with a trully 100-240v compatible one...

Best regards,


Hi there, 

That kind of Power Supply could only be found in V1 printers. Now, all PSU are adaptive - its going to switch 110 <-> 220 by itself. However - if you'll see that caused any problems to your printer just let me know.