Multiple Problems with inkspire. Prints fail every time!


We have a problem with an Inkspire, which have been barely used. Every single print we do fails :frowning:

First the model does not stick to the support:

Second, the support and raft does not stick to the build platform.

Pieces of the model is stuck the the bottom of the resin container, but can be “fished out” of the container afterwards:

We use original Zortrax resin.
We calibrate the printer before EACH print.

Please help, this printer is expensive and useless at this point.


What is the ambient temperature? Do you have newest Z-SUITE and firmware installed? Also, do you possibly have some other Zortrax resin to run a test print?

You may also try increasing additional support exposure time and bottom layers exposure time.

If the problem persists - please send us the .zcodex and .stl file via support form.

Best regards,

Hi Karolina,

Thank you for a quick response.
I had the latest Z-SUITE, but updated firmware to latest one. Then I calibrated both platform, and exposure time again, and changed resin to am unopened bottle.

Now it works. Thank you! :+1: