My first print - Need help

Hi everyone.

My name is David and i just got my first 3d printer the M200.

As you can image im realy happy to get started whit this.

I did a smal 10mmx10mm box in sketch up just to test the printer.

2 of the sides was not so good, but the outher 2 was realy good?

i used 0.14 Layer and Z-Hips.

Try whit full fan but the same result.

Anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks for the help.

/Newbee / David


Did you select normal or high speed ?

10mm is quite small, I think it’s an hard job to print it, but I would expect a better result.


I use normal speed.

Yes its a smal part, but can the m200 handle that?


If you can share the stl, I can try it on mine (stl please, not zcode)


Sure, i send the file when i get home from work.

Thanks for the help👍

Try printing the same file again only print two of them and I can almost guarantee that problem will go away is what is happening the part is so small the piece does not have time to cool down before it starts the next layer by printing an extra part it will give time to cool before it goes bad I call this a sacrificial lamb sometimes I will print just a small cylinder so this will stop. by adding a second bottom fan will help tremendously

Thanks for the input, i will try to make 2 of them and see whats happen.

I did print 2 parts, and the result is 100% better:)

Thanks gadgetstogo!!!

About the fan you talk about, do you meen adding a fan on the outher side if the printhead?

So i get 1 on eath side?

like this:

When you say you tried "full fan", did you use 100% or "Auto"? "Auto" fan setting is higher than "100%" setting on small parts like this or other areas that need extra cooling - the slicer is pretty intelligent about analyzing the geometry and setting the fan speed accordingly. Since you are a newbie I'd recommend using Auto until you get more familiar with printing and settings.

I did use auto on my first print, then i have it on 100 on my secund print.

Same result, but makeing 2 parts and have it on auto did make the parts realy good. nice clean edges on both

Yes that it the one that I used and it works very well

thanks i will try it out

Glad to hear you have a solution

As a side note, I sometimes get better results setting to random seam vs normal when the problem is along a seam. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like the problem is mostly on one edge...if so likely the seam.