My First Zortrax Dragon

I remixed Dutchmogul’s Forest Dragon as a wall-mountable head plaque and printed it with gold ABS. The Thingiverse listing is here:, and I’ll add some additional pics below. I think the sculpture may suffer a bit from being an enlargement of what was intended to be a small figurine, i.e. it doesn’t have a huge polygon count. The precision with which the rectangular plaque printed, though, absolutely blows my mind - the layer lines are barely visible and the surfaces are perfectly smooth (except for a toolpath seam in the back). This filament has never been particularly precise for me, in fact I’ve always thought it’s a bit sloppy, but in the Zortrax, even at a higher-than-optimal temperature, it prints incredibly well. As soon as options to speed print time and conserve support material are released (and I get some more of this filament) I’m going to print this as big as it can get in the 'trax’s build volume, which is about double what you see here.

The weakest part of the Zortrax printing algorithms at present seems to be undersides, especially curved ones, but even the flat bevel at the base of the neck is pretty rough. I’m sure this will get sorted in a software revision soon.

Support removal was not especially difficult. It popped right off of the curved surfaces and required just a bit of chiseling on the flat beveled surface. The raft came off very easily indeed; there’s no indication of its having been there at all.

Sorry, in the 3rd picture there’s a bit of support I missed when I cleaned his teeth :slight_smile:

Very nice! Like you said it looks really smooth for the most part and that color is pretty cool! It seems there are many objects with somewhat low poly counts because most other printers can’t show as much detail. :wink:

Nice work Julia. I really like just how straight and even the Zortrax layers are. I think that is the key to it looking like sub 200 micron.

nice !!!

Do you have a picture of the piece with the support ? That would be nice to see also, I think… Was it difficult to remove ?