My Inkspire prints like trash, BOTH of them

Can anyone help with finding tips on adjusting the settings on this machine? Example, if I want to adjust how long the cure time is... Do I change it by 1% or do I change it by 40%? I don't want to waste money on resin shooting in the dark, or worse yet I damage something because my settings were way out of whack. 

Any shred of information would be highly valuable to me! Please help!

I'd upload images but it wont let me. 

My main problem I have is the part is tearing while it prints. I believe it is tearing/separating between layers because the resin adheres to the clear film at the bottom in close-to-equal proportions as it does to the platform at the top. So the "weak link" is the resin bonded to resin in the middle. So the separation happens within the part, not on the clear film at the bottom like it should. When the platform raises, and the print is really stuck on the film, it is putting a tensile force on the part which results in the part splitting into 2 pieces, or it is partially separated and it looks like a tear. So this result makes me suspect the amount of time it cures. 

But I don't know if this is happening because

I'm over curing the resin so it sticks to the film...


Its not cured enough and it's like a boot stuck in the mud, and that's why its over-stuck to the film at the bottom.


Hi Jordan,

Please update the firmware to the newest version (20020):

Also, make sure you're using the latest Z-Suite.

Hi, is your problem solved? Do you recommend buying Zortrax inkspire?