My M300 Dual makes break in unexpected times

My M300 Dual makes breaks in unexpected times. The first break appears in 2 hours and the next break in 27 hours. The Message, please check the filament. I use a new 2kg roll of Z-Ultrat.

Bevor i print with Z-Ultrat, I used the 2kg roll of Z-PETG, without any breaks.

By the way, the printer is new, an allready have 49 hours of printing time. Have anybody any ideas? Thanks for help.

Do you think there may be a link to my problem, because to me it also pauses me to check the filament of the nozzle 2.

The problem sounds similar. I have problems with the nozzle 1. :frowning:
When I use the Z-Ultrax without Premium Support (but it is loaded), I get the message “Please check, if filament is load” and when I click on ok on the display, the printer starts to head up and push some filament out of nozzle1. In the next step the printer bring me an message on the Display “Please clean the heat” and after confirm the message, the printer contious the job.

The time of the break from the printer is random. (it can be 2 hours or 23 hours.)
My firmware is the version 2.0.2 on the printer

Tonight the printer stops 4 time with print. The Errormassage was jam in the hotend. When i restart the printer the filament came out without any problems.

By the last break i show on the backsite of the printer. If you use a new full roll of filament, the angle between roll and sensor is very strong (bigger as 45 degree, the motor want to roll up the filament on the outside of the roll)

So the motor need a little bit more power, to push the filament to the nozzle and to load the filament. (The filament on the roll is very soft/smooth, there is no problem to roll it up. )

When you print a 3D Objekt the Hotend Motor goes step-by-step, and the sensors watch the filament. Some times the sensor in the Hotend makes no move and so the error appears.

If you restart the Printer it heats up, go to park position and the motor of the hotend run without any breaks. So the sensors and motors ignore the additional power to get the filament from the roll. Here is the problem.

Here are some solution to solve the problem:

  1. Stronger Motor
  2. Change the error timing
  3. Make another position of big filament roll (set it deeper)


If possible, please go to Menu -> Settings -> Working options -> Ignore material jam -> On

Then start over with the printing process. This way we can check if the sensors in the extruder were giving a false material jam error. If the printjob proceeds without any extrusion problems, then the sensors are at fault.

By the way, the first error message was different than the last one, wasn’t it?

Please feel free to contact me via PM. I will help you.

Kind regards,


Good morning Marcin,
The idea with the ignore jams was a very good. The printer finished the 3d print without any breaks. :grin: The last print takes 9 hours and no Interrupt.
Do you think the sensor is fault? How can i fix it?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Thomas!

Which material were you using when this happened?

Kind regards

I use this one Zortrax Z-ULTRAT Filament Ivory / Elfenbein 2kg 1,75mm

The printer use the newest Firmware.

Hi Marcin,
Have you got a solution to solve the problem? Today i make a new try to print with another material z-petg. I turned the switch “ignore material jam” to off. The disaster beginn every minute he want to go in a break with jam im Hotend.

By the way the printer was sold in 29.09.2019 it cost me over 4500 Euros. It prints in the meantime 2 x 3D objects! I expect the system works probably. I’m angre about me, that i dont buy a makerbot.

What we do now?

Hi Thomas,

I sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Hi Marcin,

i’ve the same problème problèm when i turn “ignore material jam” to off the printer don’t detect the filament when is on the print is OK.

I think the then the sensors of the head are at fault.

The printer have got 2 month, i print only with Z ultra and Z support.

Do you have any solution ? guarantee ?


Hi mickael_f,
The problem is solved. The printer was complettly dead after 1 weeks. I returned the printer back to dealer. The dealer wants to send the printer to Zortrax, without an alternative device or a new on. So I give the mandate to a lawyer to get the money back. After the lawyer get in contact with the dealer, i get the money back.
Please note you have got a printer in the 5 000 Euro Class with errors!

Hi @mickael_f

Yes. Please fill in the Support Form and we’ll get you a spare part to replace the faulty one.

Kind regards,