Z-Premium still stuck in the nozzle 2

Hello everyone.

I meet on my 300 Dual a new problem. The Z-Support Premium Filament for Zortrax M300 Dual is always stuck in nozzle number 2.

I started printing more than 24H, after only 3H, the printer stops and puts the message “The end of the nozzle 2 is blocked”, so I disassemble everything, and I leave the filament that is blocked, I restar and there it works. After another 30 minutes, the nozzle 2 is stuck again, so I disassemble and I clean. After 30 minutes and the printer tells me that the nozzle 2 is again blocked.

I have just found the solution for a grip problem that a new problem appears. I’m really sorry, but the M300 Dual printer is always a problem, I have to print plastic parts for customers, and I’m always having trouble with this machine. For the price it costs (+5000 euro), I think it’s shameful to be annoyed like that.

These are the exams I have already done.

  • 4 X disassemble, clean, reassemble the complete extrusion systems.
  • Change the nozzle 2 to put a new one.

Nothing change

I am a mechanical engineer, and personally I have never been bothered like that with a 3D printer. I regret having sold my M200.

Can you please help me to solve this problem which is most disturbing.

File Zcodex

Hello. I am really sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing with the printer. We will do our best to resolve this as soon as possible.

How many hours has the printer done so far? Have you experienced a similar problem before, or it started recently? Also, can you tell me if you experience any problems while loading Z-SUPPORT Premium, such as stuttering sprocket wheel?

Please, send me a PM.

Thank you in advance.

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