My new M200 cover

 This is my new cover for mine M200.

It's in lexan (4 mm) laser soldered.
A friend do it for me (about 80 €) and i did a mistake in my draw so i need to print the low (blue) part and fixed on.
It's plug & play.
For now, with 20 C° in the room, internal temp during print is about 30-32 C°, we'll see in summer.
I did that for the filament smell and work very very well :).

Outstanding, When will these be a available for sale - You will find that a fair amount of Zortrax users will want one for these. 

Talking about enclosures, this semi-professional one looks pretty nice:

Some clever ideas here and there. They also have an m300 version...

My main concern would be the switchable air outlet which seems to blow out unfiltered air if fully opened.

I bought Clarks Topper (gadgets2go). It has a Lid that can be opened and is fully prepared for a hepa and active carbon filter with fan that can be temp controlled (wich I don't use, think it's counterproductive for the filter).

I'm moving my printers up to the loft soon, and when I do I'm building them an enclosure from regular hardboard. Will have a temp activated fan to cool the enclosure when too hot and a rube heater to bring it up to temp and keep it there if its a cold day (no heating in the loft).

This looks great however, the ability to control the temp would make it perfect :)