My nozzle is touching the raft when printing


Hello everyone.
When I print the raft, my nozzle is constantly touching the areas already printed.
I have the tray well calibrated, the perforated platform is new just like the nozzle.
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Hello PedroVieira,

Despite the fact that the platform is brand new, could you pass the calibration results? Also, have you tried increasing the platform-raft gap in Z-SUITE? This should resolve the problem. Let us know the result.


My M300 does this for most materials as well, just on raft layers 2 and 3.

For calibration, currently the rear two contact points and center are all at +0.1, and the front points are at 0.0.

It improved a little after taking apart the bed and cleaning out the plastic between the layers, but now I adjust the raft flow ratio to 85-90% and it usually doesn’t happen. I tried once at 80% but experienced under-extrusion and a failed raft.