Nano SIM adapter impossible to remove

I’m trying to print a Nano SIM adapter with Z-Ultra but the part very tiny, is impossible from raft.

Here is the STL file , 4 minutes to print, forever to remove

I cannot post the link to Thingiverse, anyyway iot is thing:69581

Any suggestions ?

BTW Why all my post are gone , so I have to start as a new user ?


I managed to remove the model of Nano SIM adapter successfully using a scalpel.

Remember to wear safety gloves and be really careful when doing the same thing.

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I test also Z-Abs with the same issue, no way even with a scalpel for me.

In this case, please increase the following parameters, which you will find in the advanced options in Z-SUITE:

  1. Fan speed - increase it to 100%
  2. First layer gap - increase it gradually until you’re able to remove the model from the raft

Estimated print time: 0h 4m
Material usage: 0.38m (1g)
Printer: Zortrax M200 Plus
Profile: Last settings
Support type: Automatic
Support: 30°
Material: Z-ULTRAT
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Layer: 0.14 mm
Quality: High
Infill: 30%
Fan speed: 100%
Seam: Normal
Outer contours: 0.00
Holes: 0.00
Surface layers Top: 8
Surface layers Bottom: 4
Support Lite: Yes
Smart bridges: Yes
Support offset: Yes
Max. wall thickness: 3.13 mm
First layer Density: 100%
First layer Print speed: 100%
First layer Flow ratio: 100%
First layer gap: 0.30 mm
Raft Enabled: Yes
Raft layers: 7
Platform-raft gap: 0.24 mm
Raft Density: 100%
Raft Print speed: 100%
Raft Flow ratio: 100%
Support Density: 3.00 mm
Gap XY: 0.36

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Thanks for sharing @FLurk1967 :slight_smile: