need help printing a model

Hi guys,

I should print this model for a client (resize all axes 1,33):
I tried to print it in various positions with 0,09 layers resolution and supports 60°... nothing... print degenerates and I have to stop the M200!
Experts... can help me with the correct position and setting?

It appears that the object is too thin.  I turned supports off and can see that ZSuite shows large gaps in the object.  

The6uest is right. Too thin. Wall seems to be around 0.3 mm. Measured in Netfabb.

Thanks.... :rolleyes:

Walls should be at least 0.8 thick This Technology and machines have it's limitations.

I don't think even with an industrial machine can be done Maybe POlyjet or SLA but support removal willbe still the problem 0.3 mm is just too thin. Some people don't understand the definition of thin walls.. Just talk to your customer and explain technology.

Understan ahntlia…