Network connection


i try to connect to the M300 via the z-suite from a different network (still in our company).
Are there any boundary conditions concerning the ports i have to consider for the firewall? There appears the message “Printer is not responding”.

If i connect the printer to the same network, works fine.

Thanks in advance

Hi Marc. As you have noticed, the computer and the printer should be connected to the same network. Otherwise, the connection will not be established.

Hi Karolina,

Thanks for your answer. Nevertheless, it is obvious, that you need to modify the network connection to connect from a different network (within our company!). Thanks for that.

I was asking for the technical specs to adapt these settings to make it work (ports etc.). It is always possible to connect, when you adapt the necessary network environment.

Hi Marc,

Thank you for the explanation - all is clear now. Our specialist provided the following ports: 8001 and 8002. I hope this helps.

Thanks Karolina.
Any specifics about the protocolls used (TCP,UDP…)?


I am sorry, but we cannot provide such information.