New filaments listed in brochure

I just downloaded the current M-200 brochure:

and noticed that there are several new types of filaments listed there, specifically Z-Flex, Z-Glass, and Z-Alu.  Is there any estimated schedule for these to be released?


I'm curious what Z-Alu is.........

how exciting!

Z-Alu is filament with aluminum doped, but I need to consult with the laboratory :)

All of them sound like they could have uses, but I'm especially interested in the Z-Glass and Z-Alu.  Nizzy - could you let us know a rough schedule of when they might be available?  It would be nice to know if it will be days, weeks, or months before we can buy some.

Thanks, Mike

I'll be in the office on Manday, and I will ask about it, Mike.

Thanks Nizzy.


Z-Alu might be conductive??? Hmmm..

Z-Alu might be conductive??? Hmmm..

Kyle, it would be nice if it was conductive, but I highly doubt it. I do a lot of Plastics R&D with multiple conductive metal powders  copper, aluminum, tungsten, and other metals. Once they are compounded with the plastic they are rarely if ever still conductive. Now if you took a Megger you might get something. or if you went with an extremely high load of powders, which might be what they are doing. 

But I could be wrong because I have never tried it with high voltages.

Agree with Richdon. Mixtures metal with plastics or silicon are not electrical conductive. I think it would be at least temperature conductive. 
I heard about some chinese conductive black ABS carbon based. In theory it should have about 100-150 Ohm/cm but i heard it was verry badly mixed.

Correct viper I use aluminum and copper for thermal conductivity in plastic compounds. Although copper is better for thermal conductivity, aluminum is lighter and cheaper.

ZGlass sounds good! Wonder if it’s like Polycarbonate! That would be awesome!! Lol

I would like to know how long is soon, because it's been soon a long time since they promise higher resolution.

I'll be in the office on Manday, and I will ask about it, Mike.

Nizzy - were you able to get any info?


It’s not Manday yet. Sorry, could not resist… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’m in the office until now. However, I do not see anybody here who could give me some info about materials. I guess they are on conference or in laboratories in China and they are not online.

Thanks for trying Nizzy.  Please let us know when you can get an answer from someone.