New Firmware, New Bug, again

Hello to the team,

Once again the new firmware 2.6.3 brings with it a lot of bugs, it’s getting annoying:

  • Loss of connection with the camera
  • Maintenance request when it was done just before the firmware update
  • Loss of the display of the Wifi network and loss of the connection with the network, even with the good identifiers the machine does not manage to reconnect
  • Slow access to the memory card even though it is almost empty

I’ve been using the machine but it’s like an old generation M300 in terms of connectivity.


Could you tell us which maintenance showed up, but shouldn’t?

As for the long load of the USB Drive content’s, you can turn off filters in order to skip this process, and the files will appear faster.

The loss of connection to the camera is linked to your loss of the Wifi connection, were you able to finally connect?

Also please send a better photo of the Error if it still appears, as it’s too blurry to read.

Best Regards