New firmware update is coming up, Zortrax needs your help!

Due to forthcoming release of firmware we are looking for users from all over the world who would be eager to help us improving final outcome. Please, contact me through here or through PM to talk about details and requirements. 

OK for me


​I’ll be glad to help too.


Love to help...... Kind Regards, -David

I got the time, toss me an update.

I'm in.

here i'm, thank u.

Sure, absolutely


It'ok for me

I am ready too

I am ready too

You might not want to opt in for this as you may be new here and do not fully understand how an M200 runs normally. Most everyone that has replied has been here for a while and can diagnose most any problem on their own. 

I'd like to help out too.

Based in Norway (since you mentioned “all over the world”)

Sign me up

I am ready too

I saw this when posted and thought I may have too much time constraint, but not now.  I'd be happy to help.

Just put in a no raft option and i am good to go...

got several m200 to be put on test :)

Marcin, I am very grateful to Zortrax for the excellent M200 so I'll be happy if  I can bring some help .

Sign me up.


We would be glad to help.