New M200+ Printer problem


In my work start using a old new M200+ (they bought it 2 years ago but it has only recently started to be used) and after print 1kg start printing bad, i send images. if i can try some parts i have a m200 fully working and new part for that model


Hi German,

thank you for reaching us via support form, our support agents will do their best to provide assistance.

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I change the Heater and Thermocouple and has improved, but still having problem (i attach the image in the right is the m200+ and in the left the m200 with same matterial)
I dont know if in the M200+ is normal change the Heater and Thermocouple with one month of use


Hi German,

does this happen with all materials? As you are printing small models - did you increase the fan speed to 100%? Just in case - check if the fans are operational (tools -> fan test). Also, the device has not been used for 2 years, thus it is difficult to tell what is causing given issues. Apart from the heater&thermocouple - the hotend/nozzle may require replacement.


Hi there!
I did not test it by printing small parts, I will give it a try and do the fan test.
The device is new and was never used from the factory, my boss had it as a backup all this time.
The thermocouple with the machine is not fully in place because the riveting did not allow it, I straightened it and seems that it did not work because now I have another error.
I will go back to the m200 heater and thermocouple for further testing.


I printed small parts and they came out fine, as did the fan test.
I left printing longer and did not show any more errors.


Hi German,

I am glad to hear you have found a root of th problem and that test prints went fine. The error #18:16 seems to be a randome one, but if it occurs again - let us know via support form.