New materials for Zortrax Inventure are coming! Meet Z-SEMIFLEX, Z-ULTRAT Plus and Z-SUPPORT Plus


Hi Zortrax geeks!

At Formnext 2017 in Frankfurt, which took place November 14th-17th, we announced new materials for our latest printer - Zortrax Inventure.

First of them is long-awaited Z-ULTRAT Plus - our special mixture of ABS, a reinforced one, that makes the material very durable and great for prototyping parts which require high level of details, complex mechanisms to be printed in one piece and temperature resistant end-use objects. Z-ULTRAT Plus is a unique kind of material, so it needs to be printed with a special support filament - Z-SUPPORT Plus. Z-ULTRAT Plus is not compatible with regular Z-SUPPORT

The second one - Z-SEMIFLEX - is the first flexible material available in our offer. It's based on TPU98A and characterized by no shrinkage, great shape-memory, temperature resistance up to 130 degrees Celsius resistantce to chemicals and very high layer adhesion.

Check them out!


How about Z-SEMIFLEX for the M200? Please?


Who knows? Maybe :)

Surely I'll pass your query further.


The materials are available to order!


Dear Zortrax team 

Thanks for releasing the shell version for the external PLA. 

I am printing complex thin wall parts and just realize that the functions print speed and extrude flow rate can only be applied if the box for print surface is ticked of. 

It would be great if I could use these two function to fine-tune the print process without the need to add print surface. 

Thanks for great products. 

An happey M200 user. 


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