New print for my kiddo

My kid lost one of his toy part for a long time… so he made a request to print out for him that part…

Looks good but which one did you print? I assume the light blue.

And if he lost the part, where did that one come from? :slight_smile:


It is a overhead bridge over a Tomica city set… There is a connecting bridge between both of them… since he lost one of the stair part, i printed it for him… I bet he will be superb happy after he woke up… Actually, yesterday I printed out one pair for him… but because he shared the same opinion with you guys (about grey filament) and I messed up by pushing too hard when removing the support, the prints were screwed :smiley: totally… well… he ordered me earlier today, he want me print out another set for him tomorrow using green filament… hahahahaha

ah… and yes… the light blue is the one i print out… drew them in SketchUp and modified it a bit… tomorrow wanna print out another one so both side will have the same design…

Cool, good job sketching it up! It looks better than the original. :slight_smile:

That is AWESOME!!!

Thanks for the comment :smiley: