New Special Offer!

"We have prepared something special for all our customers. We hope, that you will like it as much as we do. Check out the details:"


Option 1: For those, who want to print even more!

Every order for 2 Zortrax M200 printers goes with EXTRA 6 Z-Filament spools, and you save up to



PLN 1110

Option 2: For those, who never run out of ideas

Buy 6 kg of Z-Filaments and get 4 kg for FREE! Only for Zortrax users

Order for only:



PLN 690

You have to admit – it’s a bargain!

Hurry up – it is special and it is limited – valid to 4.07.2014 only!

Check the details on our ZStores

International Store  – LEAD TIME:  7-14 DAYS

European Store  – LEAD TIME: 2-4 WEEKS

Polish Store  – LEAD TIME: 2-4 WEEKS




I love the offer and I would go right away for the option2....but qustion is : is it possible to have just one color (I love just gray) ?