New to 3D printing

Hi, I'm looking for my first printer. I am trying find the more information as I can to make the right choice.
As a first printer, it will be an introduction to 3d printing, but the idea is to use it as a starting point for a business.
I wrote an email to a couple of days ago, but no answer, so I'm going to make my questions here on the forum.
- Does the printer has a free/open source firmware?
- Does it has an automated bed leveling as reported in the specifications?
- The printing area has 5 metal small area... what are that for?
Compared to other printers with the same price range (makerbot, sharebot), how is acting this printer?
I wish a nice day to every one 


 I was in the same dilemma 4 month's ago, and after $700 learning cost, trying out several printer, I decided to buy the Zortrax M200.

 I use the printer for my work, and I'm happy whit the quality of the prints.      -  To answer your question in order,

-   No it is not an open source firmware, Zortax have good support and the firmware software are well written.

-   Yes it has an automated leveling bed, and to answer your third question is related to leveling,

-   First the nozzle touch the center metal area, then the corner to determine the relation between and sets the level.

Compare to other printers, ( it is about $1000 cheaper than Makerbot , and other),  it is build like a TANK. It is a true draw and print machine. No knead for tweaking !!!

Load the file, start the print, and go watch a movie, or what ever you want to do, The prints are going to be solid, and good looking.

Most of my prints are done at night, while I'm asleep. In my opinion you can't go wrong whit the M200. It is one solid printer !

Well,  I try to answer al your questions, hope you find them informative.



It WILL have automated leveling. But does not yet.

The Zortrax is my first and only 3D printer and it worked right out of the box for me.

First printer here too.. Love it!!! Awesome prints!!

@lodogg if you will have any more questions, please feel free to ask. I guess we can help you decide what you should choose.

Hi Guys, placed the order on Friday... Can't wait to have the printer.

Good to hear @lodogg!