New update suggestion

Z-suite V2 allows the use of other filaments (other manufacturers) than those of Zortrax on the basis of profiles "Z-ABS or HIPS or PETG or GLASS-TYPE or PCABS or PLA based filament" :)

The selected settings indicate the weight of the object that will be printed and therefore depend on the profile chosen.

This sometimes leads to errors or approximations on the actual weight of the printed object.

Example : I print an object with PETG + carbon fiber (NANOVIA PETG+CF : density = 1,08) with the profile "PETG-BASED filament (density Z-PETG = 1,3)

The actual weight of the object will be significantly smaller than that calculated and announced by Z-Suite.

Could ZORTRAX make it possible to define the density of the material used ? :slight_smile:



This is a great idea.

I'm passing it further.

thank you MarcinR