New User - Some guidelines - Please

Hi everyone,

I am brand spanking new to 3D printing. I have just purchased my M200 and its currently in Customs waiting to be cleared. I just wanted to know if there is anything I should know before I start my first momentus print.

Any tips/tricks that the experts or even newbies like me can offer would be highly appreciated. 

Some background, I bought the printer to start my own small business of printing customized "recreational parts" stuff like phone cases, figurines and toys. Any thoughts on this would also be very welcomed.


Hello Gresham,

the good news is that the m200 pretty much works out of the box.

You might want to lightly sand your printbed, also look here:

There are of course some things that you might want to get yourself familiar now to be better prepared for any problems that will probably occur sooner or later. 

I will give you some keywords to search for in the forum :

bed leveling







enclosure / cover



Excellent ! Thanks Andreas, will be sure to look those keywords up.

Hi, for a begginer too, what you recommend to starting the first print?




My M200 just arrived today, tomorrow i will print the first piece…(I hope) :smiley:



At the start just print Zortrax Carabiner ->

You can print it on 0.14 or 0.09 mm layer thickness, full infill. 

You don't need care about temperature, Z-Suite set in automaticaly when you will choose the material Z-ABS or Z-ULTRAT. Z-Suite is very simple and smart software, I like it because I don't need care about hundreds incomprehensible settings, Z-Suite does it for me :)

Before start the print, download and read very carefully:

QuickStart (if you like the paper version it should be in the package) ->

Zortrax Manuala ->

Z-Suite Manual ->

If you will have any questions, just ask!  :ph34r:

Very Thanks, i will read this the i ask.. :D

Thanks guys really helpful tips for beginners. I just did my first print will all default setting. Everything worked perfectly out of the box.