UltraT MSDS says it has 0-3% PC in it, so not very much, especially at the low end...:)

in the product description they say its suitable for automotive parts!!

Anybody used it? I got a couple of spools on order, probably won't see it until the end of the week.

MSDS is now published, says PC content is 30-35% vs. 0-3% for UltraT.

Still waiting for my spools....

First Impressions:  Meh.

I'd have to say shrinkage is the same as ABS, which means you can't print 'large' things like: in the 3 or 4 size

without peeling and cracking.

The choice of colors is disappointing (ivory only).

I have the usual issues with burned filament getting on the outside of the nozzle and then scraping off onto random parts of the print, so there are black discolorations on my ivory models.

Trying some other smaller things to check for strength and precision, but I probably won't buy any more.

So far I'd say HIPS is the best for large printouts and Ultrat is best for colors.

I got a couple of reels, haven't had a chance to try it yet. For the cost, I wouldn't use it unless the extra strength were needed. I've been trying to come up with a meaningful test structure to print. The product data sheets give the strength of the raw material, I'd like to translate that somehow into an "as-printed" result.

gets lots of hits.

not sure Ultrax and HIPS aren't strong enough for pretty much everything I want to do...

Been 5 months since the last post here,

Has anyone printed using this material able to post pics and give info on how you felt about the strength of it.

I've only made one test print with it, haven't had time to mess with it really. When I tried it though, I thought it might be good for stuff like gears. Print was very clean on edges, nice sharp edges. Surface felt hard, raft removed easily and very cleanly. My print was thin (.055in thick) webbed rim.

One thing I noticed which wasn't good, at all, perimeters were not fully bonded to the infill... so much so I could pop the perimeters off the infill. I printed the same part with z-abs, z-ultrat, petg, and hips to compare and wasn't a problem with any of those. I can't remember if I had the side covers on or not. Have a mental note to next time ensure covers, and to reduce/turn off fan to try and get better fusing. If that fixes it, I think it's probably a nice material.

Look here :