New Z-Suite issues


I upgraded from Z-suite 2.7.4 to 2.12.13

Now, slicing process is quite weird, progress bar seems crazy going forward and backward, and process time is huge.

I do understand M200 is not maintained anymore in Z-Suite but could it, at least, just keep on working just as good as it used to ?



If the M200 is no longer supported in new releases of ZSuite can someone from Zortrax please let us know which release we M200 owners should be using?

Thanks, Mike



Please note that M200/M300 printing profiless are still present in newest Z-SUITE versions. We do not add implement new features/options for these printers, but you can still use the latest version.

As for the slicing process - do you have a particular file you are having problems with?

Best regards,


Thanks Karolina - just saw your reply.