New Zortrax m200 plus, firmware can't update for hours


So I got my 3d printer today, when I turned it on. on the screen it told me to put the latest update on the usb so I did that and 5 hours had passed and it still said that it’s updating so I came to a situation where I HAD to turn off the printer… I literally can’t find anyone that has had the same issue as me.
And it’s not connected to wifi or anything it didn’t give me any options when I turned it on.



Have you tried installing several firmware versions, or just the newest one? Please note that in order to install 2.X.X, you need to install 1.5.0 firmware first (the file can be found in 2.0.0 folder). Can you possibly install 1.5.0 or some previous version and see how it goes?

If this does not work - please record a video of the update process.

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Hi, the next morning when I woke up I turned the printer on again a the software updated in less than 2 minutes.



Thank you for the update. I am glad to hear you managed to update the firmware.