New Zortrax Owner, first impressions

Hello everyone

my Name is Eddy and I would like to share my first impressions with the Zortrax M200 Printer. 

I was "observing" the 3D-(Consumer)Printer Market for quiet a while. There were two reasons to buy a 3d printer.  First i like the idea of having a device which can more or less bring your own ideas and downloadable designs relatively cheap to life. Second, I'm an development engineer in a small company where we have to deal with new designs or helping our customers to improve their parts.  And there were some moments when I thought "It would be actually really nice to have a 3D printed model of that" for different kind of reasons. 

The problem was which printer to buy? It feels like there are hundred of new 3d printer appearing each day on kickstarter and they seems to get cheaper and cheaper. But many of those fdm-machines seems not deliver the print results they are promising in this beautiful made promotion videos. When I saw the Zortrax promotion video for the fist time, I thought it is one of those printers as well. But then I saw some videos on youtube and the pictures here on the forum and I was really amazed by the quality of the prints. I think the most important thing for me was that you could see this good print quality from different users with the same printer configuration. I was also interested in the ultimaker 2 but the quality seemed not as constant as on the zortrax and I have not that much time for tweaking after work.  So I finally bought the zortrax.

The unboxing impression was very good. I like the tools which you actually need for putting off the rafts. The printer looks solid tidy manufactured. My literally first Print was the zortrax carabiner which came out really nice. And it was a real "press and print" experience. As Christmas was coming closer I started immediately printing and coloring (no experience) a present for my girlfriend. And I think it came out not too bad (see attachments). 

I still see some improvements to make as there are once and a while some burn marks and blobs appearing.

But all in all I'm quiet happy so far.  

... fortissimo !!! super !!

Congratulations! I am jealous, can’t wait to order one.

I have had my Zortrax printer about a year now it is so cool to jest make things around the house or what ever,  it is the coolest toy I have and it is on its way to paying for its self.

. if your a guys or a girl that like to fix thinks or do crafts having a 3d printer is a must have 

Welcome, Eddy, and congratulations on your good choice of printer.