Newbie help if you will

Hi all, I’m new to 3D printing so go easy… I own a company in the UK that produce 3D printed parts, our designer who did all the work and prints has decided to leave without any notice.

Now I’ve figured out Z-Suite but two products we do use a 3rd party material and although I have their settings off their website, one of them doesn’t tally with what I can set the printer too.

I’m using 2 M200 Plus machines and need to set one up to print carbon filament and Nylon… At present we have TreeD Carbonium filament and the settings are as follows:
Bed temp: 100c (once I hit 90c it warns me of warping?)
Nozzle temp: 230c
Print speed: 60 mm/s (limit is 50 mm/s)

Based on this what’s the best option? I’m also told a new perforated plate and hot end/nozzle dedicated to this and Nylon is needed? Is this a must? What changes do I need to make to one of the machines?

Next is Nylon, currently I’m not using any in particular as run out so I’m thinking Z-Nylon? Again the same question, what changes need making to let the one printer run both Carbon (3rd party) and Zortrax Z-Nylon?

Lastly we have loads of rolls of TreeD Flexmark 8 so no point me moving to Z-Flex (will do at some point) just yet until all this has been used. But can these materials be run with a standard set up? I’ve tried printing and it seems like the filament is coming out far to quickly and clogging which stops the print, however the specs suggest upping it to the following:
Bed temp: 225c
Nozzle temp: 45c
Print speed: 30 mm/s

Lastly any other tips or setting I should change when printing? I’m rapidly learning on the huff so apologies if daft questions.

Many many thanks in advance, Steve.

Hi Steve!

I cannot speak for the 3rd party filaments, therefore, I’ll limit my answer to Z-Nylon only.

Yes, Z-Nylon needs spacial treatment as it is a quite demanding material. Please see our tips for using this filament.

Kind regards

Hi thank you for the reply, I’ve got that info for the Z-Nylon it’s was the TreeD stuff that I’m having issues with sadly. I appreciate your help though.

Marcin, I’m having trouble printing the Z-Nylon. My printer 900 hours max m200 plus, is saying it can’t detect filament in the end stop. Is this usual for it to go so soon or would it be a warranty issue? It does the same with Z-Flex also but Z-Ultrat and Z-Hips both seem to be ok.
Is there also a comprehensive list of at what point parts need changing? I’ve seen the basic list on the Zortrax page but it doesn’t cover all the parts just a few basic ones like nozzle, hotend, plate etc.

Particular parts lifespan can vary depending on materials you use and whether the printer is properly maintained (Maintenance Guide for Zortrax M200 Plus 3D Printer | Zortrax Support Center). Only these basic parts are listed, as they are consumables that are most likely to wear during the use and should be replaced regularly. As for the filament endstop - the part is covered by the warranty. Did you notice unplanned pauses during the prints with other materials? Please, print the ribbon cable tester with Z-ULTRAT and let me know whether the print pauses at any time of the process.

Hi I am new to 3D printing too and like to get a beginner model to play with :slight_smile:
like to print blocks for the kids at home :wink:

If you use Zortrax materials, the easiest way to print is to choose one of our material profiles in Z-SUITE. There is no need to adjust any settings except for fan speed when you print bigger models. You can find some instructions for beginners in our Support Center :slight_smile:

thanks. i am trying to print out some toys!
let me go get all my questions and write to support center later.

itchy to do it before summer!