Newer type of Z-ABS question


this is a general question on Zortrax M200 filament, rather a complaint or support. I know i just can return the filament.

So I've brought some new ABS cool Grey. It comes in a different spool roll (has a window to see the remaining filament).

No matter what i try, it will print for 10 minutes and stop extruding.

If i replace it with older Z-ABS (white) it's fine. Can print for hours.

I wanted to know if this can occur? Can zortrax filament be defective? Never happened before. I brought it from Amazon directly, so i know it's legitimate. 

I guess i will only know by buying a new roll, but curious before i do.

Also upgraded to latest firmware and software.

Not that heavily used printer.


Does the extruder gear skip/click while the extrusion stops? Make sure the material hasn't tangled on the spool. Also, make sure the material's diameter is constant.

Hi Marek,

 Apologies, i didn't see your reply until now. Just on the forum to post on the external material section.

Oddly enough the gear didn't click at all and wasn't tangled.

For other reasons, i ended up buying a new printer M200. Being a typical curious tinkerer i.e. one who soon regrets ideas when things start going wrong....

I tried that filament in the new M200. I had the same problem. So, after a few hours investigating, i realised that somehow it had damaged the PTFE tube. I had a spare head and i was back to printing.. i thought about being evil and sending that spool of Z-ABS to someone...but threw it in the bin :)