No print on Inventure with single Cartridge without support material

I’m trying to print an object with my Inventure using PETG from a cartridge, adjusting Z-Suite to prepare with a single Zortrax spool and select Z-PETG. When all with is done, setting up the printer with the cartridge and starting to print, the printer comes up with the error msg #162 support material is missing.
There is no way to pass.
As I know that I did the same before some time ago I recreated zcode using the prior version of the Z-suite. The same settings as before and the printer works as expected.
Could you consider to fix it in the next release of Z-suite please? And please could you take this issue on your testing agenda

Thanks in advance

Having the problem with Z-FLEX as well. The printer requesting to load support (#162). Quite funny whereas Z-FLEX is not selectable as dual spool mode.
Pls be aware to turn off the printer when changing the SD. The changed printfile has to be re-read.

Hi Uwe,

thank you for your feedback. Our software specialists confirmed there were no changes in 2.2.0 which would cause given issues. I passed your suggestions to our R&D Department, so we can implement the necessary fix in the firmware.

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I have exactly the same problem, it is impossible for me to print in single extrusion mode, error #162 … Whether it is Z-Ultra +, Z-Pla, cartridge or spool etc …

Despite having selected “Zotrax Material Single” (my part to print has no support …) in zsuite (macOS version), the Inventure stop with error #162 and asks to load Z-support material.

I tried loading a Z-support cartridge to see if it prints: but no, even with a Z-support cartridge loaded it shows message #162 and unable to print.

There is clearly a problem with the single extrusion mode …

I opened a ticket today at the support service.

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