Not possible to change nozzle diameter on Z-suite with Zortrax M200 Plus



I bought nozzle original 0,3 and 0,6 mm.

On Zsuite it’s only the option 0,4 mm on the printer it’s possible to replace nozzle 0,4 by 0,3 or 0,6.

Can you please solve the bug on your Z suite software.



Software Version 2,22,0,0


Hi @Nicolaski3D,

please note that 0.3 and 0.6 mm nozzles are available for chosen material profiles - you need to check that in the print settings step. For example - you can use 0.3/0.6 mm nozzle for Z-ULTRAT or Z-HIPS.

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Ok, I don’t use only zortrax filament, So as I understand for External Filament you block to the user the possibility to change nozzles diameters ?

I am using 2 Zortrax M200 + , I would like to be able to have liberty to print with 0,6 mm with External filament or Z-ABS/Z-PCABS to reduce the printing time ( Because Zortrax printer do very good but are very slow)

I hope that will be a software modification that 0,6 mm will be possible for Z-ABS and external filament.

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Hi Nicolas,

as for external materials - you can only modify a HIPS-based profile for now. Thank you for sharing your suggestions - we do appreciate that. However, please note that introducing new nozzle diameters for other printing profiles requires not only running numerous test prints until all settings, but also tweaking parameters to provide the best possible printing quality. Unfortunately, this is time-consuming, whereas our software specialists are constantly working on implementing new features. But we will keep your feedback in mind.

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