Not printing! Filament not coming out of nozzle anymore (video). Help!

I'm having trouble printing with the M200. First several weeks had very few problems, then yesterday after changing filament colors printer stopped working. Took off extruder, cleaned it (for only 2 hours in acetone) but didn't fix it.

Cleaned the tube the nozzle connects to as well and noticed it was kind of clogged up with old plastic. Tried to reload filament again after this cleaning and still nothing.

Here is a video of what it's doing;

It seems like the filament loaded correctly (extruder drew it in) but when printing it has that weird vibration now. 

One last thing to mention is that just before discovering this problem, when attempting to first print with the new filament, the platform got scraped by the nozzle even though it had been properly balanced. It left a nice size gash on the platform. Any chance the nozzle was damaged and that's why it is not printing? 

Could really use some help because this will be used in an expo booth tomorrow (!) 



I've had this happen to me and unfortunately it can be caused a couple of ways.

1. Make sure the set screws going to the heater cartridge and the thermistor are secure, you'll most likely have to remove the lower fan to do this.

2. Make sure the clog is completely removed from the barrel as well (remove the nozzle first). You can use a 1/16" copper rod to push in there and remove the rest you may have to heat the extruder.

3. Replace the ribbon cable going to the extruder assembly. This is caused due to a bent ribbon cable. (Most common)

You should soak the the acetone for 12 hours plus I recommend 24 hrs not 2 hrs when dissolving the acetone

Take the nozzle off.. (when heated) I think the new kits come with a wire to clean nozzle. I have used a propane torch to burn the plastic out of the nozzle before. Just don't melt the brass. Did the plastic extrude when you loaded it? If so, the nozzle might just be too close to the platform for it to extrude. I generally pull off the small bit of plastic that comes out right before the nozzle touches the bed to print. Keep the nozzle clean with a fine brass brush. The connection between the nozzle and bed is critical to determine Zero.

I actually had this happen on my test unit after the bed jammed up against the extruder during auto calibration. In my case - in addition to material from the bed jammed into the nozzle that needed to be cleared out - there was a piece of filament lodged into the stepper cog itself - you could see it from the front.

See this video:

Solution was to open up that stepper motor, extract the gunk, and reassemble. After clearing the nozzle, I was then able to properly load the filament.