Not sure whats happening here?

Hi everyone,

got a few hours to go till the print of the t rex is finished.

Something strange has happened to the teeth on the bottom jaw, and there is also a line where everything is offset above it.

None of the other parts in the build have this line.

Sorry about the quality of the pics.


Z-ABS - (the reel that came with printer)

layer height 0.14

light infill

support angle 20 deg.

you may need to tighten the grub probably had a small shift

I actually think I know what happened.

The part has detached itself from the front support mid print due to shrinkage.

Raft and everything else ok.

Anyone had the problem before of parts breaking free of supports?

Yes, it happens. Especially on parts that are rounded at the bottom. It may help to increase the support angle to get more contact surface.