Now that I own an awesome 3D Printer, I am thinking of buying

Ie a machine that I can take all that excess and test pieces and turn them into more filament.

Any one have any suggestions or items that I need to pay attention to when considering one of these devices

Dave Chase

I think 6uest bought one from Kickstarter. He might sell it to you. Z-ABS is cheap enough I don’t think I would ever mess with it.

Yeah, I got the ExtrusionBot when it was on Kickstarter but haven’t assembled it yet. I got it before I knew how cheap Z-ABS would be so I’m not sure if I will keep it or not yet. One other thing I would need is some kind of machine or tool to grind the old plastic down into small pieces to put into the EB.

I have been collecting all my trash Z-ABS though just in case I do decide to re-extrude it some day. :slight_smile: It will take a while to collect enough to extrude a whole spool…

@Dave Chase

It is kind of hobbyist machine just for experiments not any real - filament maker, it create big size differences and too complicated control over thickness even professional factories with high class machines sometimes have problem with thickness and solution for it is to control thickness using laser measurement.

I think it was mentioned in Makezine once that this kind of desktop extruders are still far away from crete good quality and big qtty of filament.

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Cool, thanks for the input.

A lot depends on my health over the next year as to how far I get into certain projects/hobbies.

I am not in a hurry to rush out and buy one but I am thinking that having one, with all the plastic bottles around that I could make my own filament to just do thing with.

On important projects, I would only use the good (purchased) material in my 3D printers, but the homemade kind would be good to run samples through, test objects and give away items.

Dave Chase