Nozzle cleaning

Hi there,

I’m owning a Zortrax two weeks and printing almost nonstop. Generally very happy with the printer and models.

Please advise what is the best way to clean residues from the nozzle? Acetone is not helping by simple cleaning with a cloth. The residues are creating a black blops on my white models.


I heat the nozzle up and use a thick dry cloth to clean away the black residue on the nozzle.

(remember to wear gloves!)

hope it helps! :D

Will try this one, thanks.

Black areas are especially on the hot end (metal piece above the nozzle) For me it works with a sandpaper, but I’m little affraid to do it again and again.

I use a brass hair brush to clean nozzle when it is still hot.  It is a clean and shinny as the day it was new.