Nozzle engraves platform


almost six months using the printer and another problem. Day like every day, --> turn on the printer --> make coffe --> go to work. But this time the strange sounds forced me to return to the printer... and i saw this:



The nozzle engraves paltform and made a hole in it. I've sent printer to my reseeler, but he was unable to solve the problem. Tomorrow I will sent it directly to Zortrax. I hope they will deal fast with this problem.


Did you check if the signal cable is ok? Check also if small connector on the plate is ok. You might accidentally damaged it with spatula.


Yes, i checked. It seems to be ok.

Fill the support form if you haven't done it yet.

How dirty was the nozzle before the print started? I see it has been pushing into board to make connection. Now it thinks Z is actually lower than it really is..Not quite sure the hole got there though.. Looks like a drill hit it.. :huh:

Saw the Thread topic and thought I would send mine over to get my name engraved on it but alas it's not the case. Bummer man....I mean for your printer.