Nozzle hits the plate, no more 3.2v voltage

Our M300 is running for approx 3 years (+4000 hours), and since beginning of 2019 the nozzle hits the plate and can’t start printing. I followed the dedicated Zortrax troubleshooting page : …and i’ve donne many cleanings/part changes/checkings/etc. I could launch about 1 print on 5 with this. Very exhausting and bad for the plate…
This morning, the voltage [6) and 8) of Zortrax support page] was Ok (3.2v), but the nozzle hits again. And there’s no more 3.2v voltage then. The print can’t start.

Wich component is to weak and cause the issue ? How to solve this !!!

Hi Xavier,

Could you specify what parts did you replace? As the voltage seems to drops, there might still be some malfunction of the heater&thermocouple or perforated plate. Please, specify what you replaced so far, you may also provide a picture of the small connector.

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Hi, thanks for your answer.
Today, the M300 started, whereas it was not working yesterday evening! Next print will probably be a fail.
We changed many parts : thermocouple/head PCB/perforated plate/plate cable and small connector/nozzle of course… so I’m a little bit lost to find the origin of problem.
When Zortrax will change the method to set Z axis on M300, by manual/visual contact for example ?

Hi Xavier,

By the small connector you mean the short cable connected to the perforated plate, right? Also, you replaced most of the parts which could be responsible for the experienced problem, it seems there are only two options left - extruder cable and motherboard (last resort).

Just to make sure - the nozzle hits the calibration square, not part of the perforated plate next to it? This could indicate the axes are not parallel.

Hi Karolina,
I found the origin of issue today : the large plate connector has bad contacts. Even after cleaning and brushing of “male” plate connectors, the contact is bad, so there’s no 3.2v voltage. I made a small metallic hook to set the connector in pressure, the 3.2v is ok and the print can start. Picture of the hook :IMG_0001|666x500
(Red marks are just to prevent from hurting the small connector)

The plate connector is 1 year old approximatly (the first one broke because of temperature), clearly this connector is not designed for good electrical contacts with daily several mountings/unmountings and relatively high temperature.
This fix won’t ease plate manipulation between each prints, but i didn’t find another one…

Hi Xavier,

Thank you for looking further into the matter. Can you please upload the picture once again? Also, you are referring to the large connector on the heatbed itself, right? As you told that you had swapped the perforated plate with a new one while troubleshooting.

Hi Xavier,

Thank you for the photo. So I understand the hook is some roundabout. Still, please note that such modifications voids the warranty.

Also, the plate connector is approximately 1 year old - but please remember that this is a consumable part which tends to wear out with time.

Our M300 is nearly 3 years old, so the warranty has ended for a long time…unfortunatly.
A connector should last more than ONE year, this is NOT a consumable. With experience, I understand that Zortrax considers the whole machine as a consumable.:confused:
We’re manufacturing cars, fortunatly for our customers, connectors are made to last for a longer time…