nozzle pierces into Bed - now Error #33

nozzle pierces the heat plate. We tried calibrating but it continued to pierce the heat plate nonetheless. We cleaned the nozzle and heatbed, checked the connectors. We checked the nozzle cables. nozzle is flowing filament in a healthy way. however, we could not figure out where the problem is. why is it piercing the plate? How we can solve this problem?


#033 error indicates a problem either wth the perforated plate or heatbed cable. As for the plate hitting the nozzle - please refer to the troubleshooting manual and check all the steps, including taking measurements with a multimeter (which will also allow you to check the perforated plate itself).

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Table level: Make sure that the print table is in the correct position and horizontally aligned. If the table is too low, the nozzle may contact it, causing problems. Try leveling the table with the Auto-Level function or manually to ensure proper clearance between the nozzle and the table.
Sensor Calibration: Check if the table level sensor needs to be recalibrated. It may have lost accuracy and is giving incorrect measurements. The calibration process is usually described in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s official website.
Check the mechanics: Make sure there are no mechanical problems that can cause the nozzle to come into contact with the table. Check for any breakage, misalignment, or jams that could affect the proper operation of the printer.

The plate hit the nozzle because of an electric problem…it’s not a problem of calibration since the calibration itself is made by the tozzle touching the plate in fixed points.

When nozzle touch plate in the metallic squares it simply closes an electric circuit and a signal goes to mainboard telling the contact, some problems could be:
1- nozzle was dirt when touching plate and signal could not pass
2- metallic square was dirt or damaged in the exact point the nozzle was touching
3- problems with some wires

when the nozzle dig a hole in the plate is the beginning of problems, evevn if the nozzle uses random points to touch it will surely hit the hole someday causing a deeper hole.
you shold try to repair the plate, search another thread in the forum where we talked how to repair, otherwise you have to change the plate